Need Help Sexting? Slutbot At Your Service!

Need some advice in the sexting department? This service has you covered!

From the makers of the relationship app Juicebox, comes Slutbot - for anyone who isn't an expert at sexting!

The free service will provide an automated sex coach, and offers 6 different options, or "flows" depening on a person's gender, relationship status and sexuality.

If you're more of a romantic the Slutbot offers the 'Slow and Sensual' setting. And for all you saucy folks, you can switch to the 'Hot & Heavy' setting!

Interested? Just text the word "slutbot" to 415-650-0395. The one rule is you can't use derogatory terms, like "bitch", "whore", you have to keep it somewhat clean.

Happy Sexting!!!


via HelloGiggles