NEW This Year at BONNAROO! Something no other festival is doing... YET!

If you haven't been to a festival understand you get DIRTY! Without even trying most times. A spill of a drink. A drip of mustard on the bike rack (womans cleavage). A unexpected step into a puddle. You name it and there is no escaping it. For those who have been to a festival (or 10), I can only imagine all the other ways you became filthy dirty! HA 

Having a shower after a messy dirty night makes one feel like $100 bucks but that doesn't mean you look like it. Most likely your clothes are still filthy. Those attending Bonnaroo Festival in Tenessee will be relived to know THIS YEAR they'' be LaundROO! LG will be setting up shop with a 3,600-square-foot laundry mat with 25 washers and driers! Don't worry you won't have to stick around and miss your favorite musical act, drop off services will be avaiable! Or beat the heat and hangout in the AC! Better yet if you need a time out from your friends (lol it happens on trips) play some video games on the LG TV's! More specifics HERE   

- Pam - 

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