New Trend For Newlyweds To Do Alone

This doesn't seem like a great idea...

Some may argue the best part about the wedding was when it's all over and you set off on the honeymoon...could you imagine doing that seperately??

Get this...It's now 'trendy' for couples to go on separate, solo vacations. 

Apparently, one couple was having a hard time agreeing on where they should go for their honeymoon. The groom wanted to go to France, the bride didn't. SO, the bride went to Toronto for a vacation, while her new hubby went to France to watch soccer with his buds. 

In another case, a couple couldn't make their work schedules work, so they went on solo honeymoons simply tacking them onto seperate work-related trips. (Via NY Post)

Would you do it??? Seems so odd! Boom! You're see ya!