'Potty Training Emergency' Gets Georgia Mom Ticketed

Anyone who has potty trained a toddler knows that when they gotta go...THEY GOTTA GO NOW!

Georgia Mom, Brooke John was in this situation with her son recently, and while in the vehicle her 3 year old son had a bathroom emergency.
Her son told his Mom he had to pee, and had to pee immediately. Brooke apparently explained that there was nowhere to go and her son replied that he was about to pee his pants.

Brooke managed to make it to a gas station parking lot just in time for her little guy to pee right outside the vehicle. Unfortunately a local sheriff saw all of this go down and gave Brooke a ticket for disorderly conduct! 

Brooke is now expected to go to court on April 30th, which just happens to be a few days before she’s due to give birth!

She explained the whole experience in a Facebook post that has gone viral now.