Pub Will Buy Your Headstone If You Die During Their Burger Challenge


Challenge accepted?

A pub dubbed, "the meatiest pub in the UK," has unveiled a new burger eating challenge with an ... interesting incentive.

The George Pub and Grill will pay £500 ($800 CDN) towards your headstone if you die while you're eating it.

The challenge includes eating the UK's "most calorific burger ever," containing 12,000 calories. The Big Ben Number 10 includes 10 juicy beef patties, 12 cheese slices for only £28.95 ($46.50). There's also an added fee if you feel the need to add on bacon and liquid cheese.

Oh, it comes with fries too, of course.

Hungry Kyle, completed the challenge on his YouTube challenge in a remarkable 21 minutes and 56 seconds...INCLUDING the fries!

Well, if you're up for it....Kyle did it. AND he didn't need a free headstone after!