Residents In Washington May Be Able To Write & Hand Out Tickets

Anyone piss you off in traffic lately? Write em a ticket!

A new bill has been proposed in Washington D.C. that would give people the power to ticket illegally parked cars, simply by taking a picture of the accused on their cell phone.

People do it all the time anyways to shame them online!

DC Council member Charles Allen is hoping that when people see a vehicle blocking a bike lane, crosswalk or fire hydrant they can simply upload a picture using an app on their phone and will actually be able to issue a ticket for it. 
Safety has become a big concern lately with parking violations posing a risk for bikers, scooter riders and pedestrians. (via FOX)

Allen is hoping this bill gets passed in the fall.

Would you like to see this in Edmonton? Think it would get used well or eventually abused?