Rob Zombie Won't Play Any New Songs On Tour


Currently on his Twins Of Evil Tour with Marilyn Manson, both Zombie and Manson will make a pit stop in Edmonton July 26 & 27 for CHAOS AB.

I think the majority of people will agree that when you see your favourite want to hear the classics. You want to belt out your faves. You want mosh and head bang to the ones you know.

Well, you will get just that with Rob Zombie at CHAOS, because apparently he won't be playing any new material on this tour.

Even though Zombie has a new album on the way, Zombie admitted in an interview with Revolver  that he will "absolutely not," debut any new material.


He has a few reasons. He explained in the interview that when he puts out the new music, he wants it “put out perfectly.”

“Nobody wants to go to concerts and hear songs they don’t know, and if you do that, everybody films it and puts it on YouTube and starts prejudging something they don’t even know about.
When we put it out, we’ll put it out perfectly – you’ll have your record, your artwork, your videos and yada yada.” (via Revolver)

That makes perfect sense!

So, be ready for your faves and only your faves July 27!

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