Spin off to Comic Con - REALITY CON!

From the media outlet that brought you Pimp My Ride, Jackass, Jersey Shore, Real World... ANNOUNCED and CONFIRMED: REALITY CON! Now you can meet your favourite reality stars under one roof! For a price of course! HA Announced Tues Apr 16th HERE. Much like Comic Con there will be performances, interviews and round-table discussions. Surrounding the impact reality TV has had on society, media and ones life. Not limited to just MTV reality stars, Big Brother house-guests are invited. Along with Survivor, Duck Dynasty, Mob Wives, etc... No confirmed date or venue just yet. All we know is that REALITY CON is in the works, like it or not. lol 

Now I welcome you to enjoy this Pimp My Ride tribute montage with all of Xzibit's intros <3 


- Pam - 
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