The aftermath of having ones PENIS stuck in a dumbbell disc!

Kinda looks like a cookie crumble, right?! WRONG! 

My Dudes! Have you ever thought of sticking your penis in the middle of a dumbbell disc?! Ok how many of you have actually followed through?! Didn't think so.... However someone else followed through and you can learn a thing or two from this poor dude! 

Let's just say the dude had trouble removing it on his own so he called the fire dept to help! THREE HOURS trying to remove the penis from the disc. Trying many different things, such as;  a cutting grinder, a vibrating saw, and "a hydraulic rescue device." . No idea what that is but one can only imagine. lol 

Either way, moral of the story - Don't stick your PENIS where it don't belong. 

- Pam - 

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