The BEST KISSER in Hollywood is....

First person to come to mind....  

Jason Statham, Jennifer Aniston and George Clooney. HINT: Think funny dudes! 

Kevin Hart - NO! John Mayer - NO! Adam Sandler - YES! 

Brooklyn Decker goes on the record during an interview on the Andy Cohen Show Live.
Saying  “Adam Sandler is a good kisser. And other actresses have said the same thing. They have come up to me, other actresses who have kissed him, and said, ‘Hey, so…good, right?’”. “I have to say with Adam, I was taken aback by how good of a kisser he was. He’s a great kisser. He’s also a gentleman which I think makes the whole experience just nice,” Decker explained. [via DECIDER]

She would know since she co-stared in the movie "Just Go With It". 

Who was the first to come to mind for you?! 

- Pam - 

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