This Is Apparently The Best Way To Break Up...

Seeing someone for a few dates and you're just not feeling it? This is the text you need to send according to the 'experts':

"I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you and think that you’re great but unfortunately I don’t think that we’re the right fit. Wishing you only the best!"

This is the best route to take, because there's no blame to place on either party involved.

Dating coach and Dating App expert Meredith Golden says that in a world where 'ghosting' someone seems like the easiest option, this text is the best way to end things without too many hurt feelings.
She explains that part of the reason people 'ghost' is because, "they may not know how to say that they're just not interested.
It can be admittedly difficult to let someone down easily but saying something kind and respectful is better than nothing." (via Elite Daily)

What do YOU think?  Is there a better way to break things off??

I wouldn't be TOO pissed if I got that text.