This Woman In A Bit of Trouble For How She Handled Bf's Snoring

When the snoring gets bad...what do you do?

A Florida women is now facing attempted murder charges after she SHOT HER BOYFRIEND last week because he was snoring too loud!

Apparently the couple had only been dating about a month, but the snoring was always an issues between Lorie Morin and Brett Allgood.
Lorie had been using a good elbow as her go to try and stop the snoring.

The elbow caused an argument, and after every argument you must make up. SO, Brett showed up the next day with a bottle of rum, flowers, some candy, and a box of Breathe Right snoring strips! Awww.

That didn't 100% help though. Once they got into the bottle of rum, things went south, an argument ensued and as Brett tried to leave Lorie allegedly shot in him the armpit with a shotgun.

He's in stable condition and she says it was all an accident.

Umm...I think you should see other people?

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