Tiger to WIN the Masters a bet not many would make. One guy DID and ended up a Millionaire!

PGA Tour The Masters has since been and gone. For the golf pro to be awarded the green jacket is an honour. This was time #5 for Tiger Woods. Difference between the many times before and this one, nobody thought he had a hope in HELL! Since the very public infidelities with various women came to light. Followed by a car accident and odd behaviour, He also announced that he would be taking "an indefinite break from professional golf." This was back in 2009. The past few years he's been hitting the links again entering into PGA tournaments with very little success, until this past weekend. Bogey on 18 to win by one! ONE man was so confident Tiger was going to WIN he put $85,000 on it at SLS Casino in Las Vegas. In one weekend his $85,000 tunred into $1.19 Million! Word on the street he plans to invest and watch it grow. Along with pay off debits his wife and him share. Full story HERE 



- Pam - 

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