WATCH: 20yr old YouTuber accidentally uploads a video, abusing her dog!


Warning: This might be very hard for some viewers to watch. With it being violent in nature. 


Uploading videos on YouTube can take hours. For those unfamiliar, it's not as fast as uploading to FB or Insta. Therefore when YouTuber Brooke Houtes video uploaded she didn't bother to double check it's the right one. I mean it's like watching paint dry. However she probably should have because now everyone knows how she treats her dog. In the video it shows the dog run up to her face in a playful manner. She takes him by the neck pins him to the ground and spits on him. Among other things. 


Brooke has since issued an apology. You be the judge on how sincere you think it is. See below.



LAPD have since opened up a animal abuse investigation. They will be the final say on things. Until then many are unfollowing Brooke. I don't need to because I wasn't in the first place. More on the story HERE 

- Pam - 

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