WATCH: 5D Adult Movie Experience ONLY in Amsterdam! It includes...

You don't need to drag me to the movie theatres kicking and screaming. As long as there's popcorn involved I'M IN! For those of you who don't like leaving the comfort of your own couch there's additional features to enhance ones theatre experience. Much like, the D-Box  experience. Speakers in ones seats and it moves based on what's happening in the movie. VIP theatre experience gives you the option to enjoy booze without having to sneak it in. 3D experience sometimes leaving you feeling dizzy depending on the flick. In Amsterdam the first of it's kind 5D movie experience. Catering to those who want to watch adult films with a group of people and get wet at the same time. Quite literally... Bouncing chairs and water cannons, OH MY! 

The theatre screens films made in collaboration with Dutch porn star, Kim Holland, and Natalie (owner of said theatre) said the experience leaves people feeling 'energised'. She said: "Have you been to an amusement park? It's kind of like that. "Lots of things happen so fast when you're in the audience that when it's finally all over you're left energised. You want to get back out there, have a beer or a coffee and talk, and process what just happened."

If your life's motto is "I'll try anything once" I want your full review on this one when your back from Amsterdam. lol 


- Pam - 
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