WATCH: A staff member at an auto-body shop out East took a car for joyride! And lost his job!

Big brother is always watching. I've said it once and I'll say it again, it's 2019 people there's cameras everywhere. The newer the vehicle the better the chances of a dash camera being installed. The staff out of an auto-body shop in Western Canada were not thinking about a dash camera when deciding to take a customers BMW M2 Coupe for a joy ride!

Watch below! 

You can hear at the begining of the video, another staff member saying "Careful, he has a camera. Don't look too f---ed up in case he's recording. Be careful." Apparently the customer checked out the dash camera footage when he got home. Shortly there after filed a complaint with the auto-body repair shop. Word is that the employee no longer works for the company. 

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