WATCH: Close Call - Axe Throwing Gone Bad!

She's ok folks!

Ever been to one of those Axe Throwing places before? I didn't think it would actually be as fun as it was, but now I'm terrified to go back!! 

A Colorado woman recently visited 'Bad Axe Throwing Club' for a night out with her friends. Things seemed to be going ok, until THIS throw:


The woman, Ainsely threw the axe, it ricocheted back and almost took her pretty, blonde head off. 

Freaked out now? Because her friends filmed the whole thing on Instagram, some pro axe throwers have found a bunch of things wrong with what went down. 
Apparently, not enough safety precautions were in place at this club and she should have had at least a safety and training tutorial where the proper techniques are demonstrated. 

I don't know. I'm still paranoid now haha I'm clumsy enough that this would happen to me.