WATCH: Dave Grohl invites kid on stage but then has to KICK HIM OFF!

I can hear the kid now " But Dave I don't wanna go" HA 

Foo Fighters performed in Nashville May 4th. Dave Grohl (frontman) has been known to invite fans on stage for an opportunity to rock out. I could see why Dave picked this kid, as he's been dubbed "Little Fonzie". Dressed like the iconic Happy Days character. Hair clicked back and sporting a leather jacket. 

"Little Fonzie" is on stage and jamming out. Clearly enjoying his time as the crowd applauds. Encouraging him to take it to the drums for a few more minuets. Dave jokes with the band saying aloud they have more songs to get to. *HINT HINT* Well it took more than a hint to get the kid off the stage. You'll see in the video attached. HA 


- Pam - 

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