WATCH: Don't Try To Get Rid Of A Hornets Nest Like This...


Don't try this at home kids...

Dave Schmida had a ...let's call it 'creative' idea for getting rid of a hornet's nest at his house. The nest was nestled in under the roof of his three-story house...and he almost burnt the whole thing done trying to get rid of it!

First, Schmida doused the nest with Raid. Good. Fine. 

When that didn't do the trick he decided to shoot it with roman candles!

After a few shots, he hit the mark and of course since Raid is highly flammable the nest caught fire! Annnnnnd so did the eavestrough on his house!

Thankfully he was able to out the fire out before the whole damn house went up.

Apparently there's some wood damage and a "small hole in the house."


via Matthew Schmida Twitter