WATCH: First the Superbowl, then Puppybowl NOW Stripperbowl!

Atlanta is known for its diverse musical heritage (John Mayer got his big break in Atlanta, as did Ludacris and Usher), its Southern hospitality and STRIPPERS! A friend of mine who used to live down there said the scene is HUGE and it's just as popular as just heading out to the club for a night out. Atlanta was the hosting city of the Superbowl this year so it would only make sense to host the STRIPPERBOWL! Footage below is from inside the club. Look at the dolla dolla bills on the ground. JUST LOOK AT THEM. Almost replacing the carpet. HAH Word is 3 MILLION was dropped that night. Split 25 ways, meaning everyone got $120k EACH! For an honest nights work. IN-SANE! 



- Pam - 

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