WATCH: Graphic video captures racist rant at Lethbridge Denny's

A BC woman caught on camera in the middle of a racist tirade in Lethbridge, says the video only shows one side of the story. 

In the video posted to both Twitter and Facebook, the woman appears to take exception to a table of brown-skinned men sitting behind her at the Denny’s.
While, the video indicates the incident happened on Tuesday, Police say it took place in “mid to late April” and the video is only now surfacing online.

The woman identified in the video, is Kelly Pocha of Cranbrook.

She says the incident started when the men were speaking in a language that was not English and Pocha became irritated because she believed the men were laughing at her.
Premier Rachel Notley also weighed in, saying “racist, bigoted comments have no place in Alberta.”

The restaurant is the same Denny’s location where Marilyn Manson was punched in the face back in 2015.