WATCH: Guy Stops His Girlfriend In The Middle Of Her Marathon To Propose Marriage! Women are PISSED

There's a time and a place for everything. I'm not sure this guy thought things through.... You tell me. 

To run a marathon it's normal to train for months ahead of time. Some eat a certian way just to ensure they can make it across the finish line. So let's assume the woman in this story trained for months to ensure not only can she cross the finish line but do so to the best of her ability. Day comes and she's in the zone, just pushing harder and harder. All of a sudden her boy friend jumps over the fence and surprises her. She stops dead, probably thinking something is wrong. Why else would he jump in front of her. Then realizes she's being proposed to as he displays a ring. She says yes in front of the entire crowd. Then runs away to finish the race she's been prepping for, for months. Maybe it's her first one and in that case, she's been prepping for it her entire life. 

WATCH it all go down below. 




The reactions from women via Twitter are as follows.


What do you think of the proposal? Wrong timing or sweet gesture? 


- Pam - 
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