WATCH: Is This a Recipe for Chicken or How to Please a Woman?

Check out this saucy new video recipe that has gone viral. It's real life FOOD PORN! 

This NSFW recipe video for cordon bleu was shared by Chefclub Network. 

The Paris-based recipe page regularly shares videos with its 4 million followers, but this latest recipe has people all hot and bothered and a quick glance at the video will explain why.

The Cordon Bleu recipe steps viewers through the process which involves stuffing chicken breast with ham, cheese and bechamel sauce, and its naughtiness goes beyond the high calorie count.

Viewers were quick to point out a startling resemblance between the sliced chicken breasts and, well, a vulva.

Yep, this is some ‘kinky’ stuff as one man commented, and he isn’t wrong. While I hope this was an honest mistake, something about the long lingering shots and ‘hands on’ approach suggests otherwise.