WATCH: LA Rams surprise long time team custodian with a trip to Superbowl!

I'm not getting misty eyed YOU ARE! No I am and continue to do so watching LA Rams team custodian Alfonso Garcia being gifted a trip for 2 to the Superbowl! Jan 24th on the LA Rams Twitted a video of wide receiver Brandin Cooks inviting the team's custodian, Alfonso Garcia. Pleasantly surprised by the kind gesture as Brandin Cooks explains "You mean so much to us. ... You're special — what you do around here. And everything that you do does not go unnoticed.". Full video below 


New England Pariots vs LA Rams in 2019's Superbowl come this Sunday. Join us at Shanks Sports Bar to watch the BIG ASS GAME with RyMy from The Worst Show Ever as your host! Full details HERE 

- Pam - 

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