WATCH: Marilyn Manson meltdown on stage, fans want money back!

Marilyn Manson had an onstage meltdown on Thursday night (Feb 15th) during a show at the Paramount in Huntington, New York, leading many fans to lash out at the singer on social media and demand a refund. Manson came out on stage and performed incoherently with his back to the crowd for most of the abbreviated set. He seemed to confuse his own band by his actions as well as several songs were started and stopped.


One fan wrote, "After u wake up from ur drug induced coma, u better issue ur fans one hell off an apology and schedule a make up concert for Sat or Sun at the Paramount! Or I can guarantee, you’ve lost a s**t ton of fans!! Sry, but the truth hurts! U really f**ked up this time.”

Another concertgoer said, "Marilyn Manson put on the WORST show I have ever seen. Played 5 songs, bitched about people not saying “I Love You” and walked off #MarilynManson #worstconcert #refund" One attendee told Newsday, "He was too messed up and couldn't perform. It was disappointing."