WATCH: NEW...I REPEAT...NEW Tool Songs Debut This Weekend

Is this a joke? I'm hesitant to believe it's actually real hah

Last week guitarist Adam Jones teased fans with a riff from Tool's new tune 'Descending,' frontman Maynard James Keenan promised they would play new stuff at Welcome to Rockville 2019 annnnnnnnnnnnnd they delivered!

Have a listen to Descending:

 via lamgoat

Here we go guys...While it's not the greatest quality we have new music from Tool - 'Descending' in full, for the first time ever with vocals, AND a new, never heard song called 'Invincible.' (via Metal Injection)

 via OverloadTV

A few more shaky cams HERE and HERE.

It's coming you guys...New Tool is finally coming. 

Side Note: Fans may have noticed as well, that Tool has finally showed up on streaming services - another hint for new music?