WATCH: STOKED Oilers Fan gives JESSE PULJUJARVI a ride home!

Don't talk to strangers is what were taught growing up. However is one really a stranger when you watch them play hockey for 5 months out of the year?! Logan Walters took to Snapchat and Facebook after picking up Edmonton Oiler Jesse Puljujarvi. Here's how it went down via Logan Walters Facebook: 

"Logan Walters I’m literally sitting at the cross walk near Rogers and see a guy with a bundle of twigs and an oilers bag and I’m like “ Oh man that’s jess” so I decide to snap a snap while he walks in front of me so I gave him a big friendly wave and no word of a lie he walk over to my passenger door and opens it. “Do you want to give me ride ?” With that big silly pizza devouring-tongue-out face of his and I ask “Jesse, is that you?” “Yes it is” “Bag in the back, buddy!” So he loads his junk in the old bush banger and we’re off to the races." 


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