WHAT HAPPENED IN VEGAS: Inside the Capitals' Party with the Stanley Cup

What happened in Vegas: Inside the Capitals' party with the Stanley Cup...Thee party, 44 years in the making..

LAS VEGAS, Hakkasan Nighclub ....Ovi carried the Cup through the lobby at the MGM casino, into Hakkasan and directly to the stage. Ovechkin danced, Cup in hands at times. Others hoisted the Cup and posed for pictures. A conveyor belt of metal vats packed with ice and beer bottles traveled to the stage. Other drinks followed: A magnum of champagne with sparklers affixed to the neck. An outlandishly large bottle of Grey Goose.

2am and Alex Ovechkin is dancing on stage as confetti rained and lasers flashed, a few feet away from both his friend Tiesto and the Stanley Cup. They took full advantage of the location in which they claimed the franchise’s first Stanley Cup. They hit the club, prize in hand, and they partied.

2:35am...Ovechkin wove through the crowd, hand-in-hand with his pregnant wife. He exited early, but the party raged ahead. Just before 3 a.m., forward Tom Wilson poured beer from the Stanley Cup into Tiesto’s mouth. 

At 3:42, The Cup rested on a couch next to defenceman John Carlson, who caressed it with his right hand.

Finally, at 4:16 a.m., the lights went up. Vrana still danced on stage. Bouncers shooed out clubgoers, allowing the Capitals and the Cup to linger on stage a little longer.
At 4:25 a.m., Carlson scooped the Cup and headed toward the elevator that led to the exit. “Thanks for having us,” he said to a bouncer.

Fun Fact: Owner Ted Leonsis lifted it last. “It’s heavy!” he said. “They say it’s 35 pounds. It feels like 95.”