What Industry Has The Most Hungover Workers?

I love how someone actually spent time crunching the numbers on this subject for us!

This study is in the states...but I'm thinking we are probably pretty similar in numbers in Canada!

In a recent study conducted by the Delphi Health Group it was discovered that out of the roughly 157 million Americans currently employed, 75% admitted to going to work hurtin' after a night of drinking. The average employee is apparently taking 2 sick days a year to deal with these hangovers as well. 

The majority of hungover individuals were men, 80%, compared to 70% of women that rock a hangover at work. 

Some more number crunching for you? 46% of respondents that show up hung only 'pretend' to work, 45% spend a LOT of time in the bathroom, 35% took extra long lunches, and 20% took a nap! hah!
This all leads up to the stat that these hungover workers usually only get about 5 hours of actual work done on these days. 

Want more? Full Study is HERE

Now, the breakdown of industry hangovers:
Legal - 93.8%
Construction- 85.5%
Transportation & Warehousing- 83%
Marketing & Advertising- 82.9%
Hotel, Food Services & Hospitality- 81.9%
Technology- 80.9%
Finance & Insurance- 76.2%
Info Services and Data Processing- 76.2%
Arts, Entertainment and Recreation- 75.5%
Manufacturing- 74.7%
Scientific- 72.4%
Medical & Health Care- 72%
Wholesale & Retail- 71.6%
Government & Public Admin- 71.4%
Education- 63.5%

What about the age breakdown? Millennials were the most likely to take their hangover to work at 78%, baby boomers and Gen Xers at roughly 70% each.


Via Delphi Health Group