Would You Ever Pay To Watch a Movie in a Theatre BED?

Like the movies weren't expensive enough...

Apparently movie theatre numbers are down. Whether that's the cost, or more easily accessible movies on your own TV...People would rather watch movies in the comfort of their own home.

SO... One theatre in Switzerland is bringing the comfort of your own home to you! They're bring BEDS into the theatres now. 

The Cinema Pathé in Spreitenbach just launched their 'VIP Bedroom' cinema. Inside are 11 "freshly-made" double beds with the idea to make moviegoers feel right at home. The beds come with adjustable headrests, and they insist that the sheets on the bed are changed after EVERY screening.

All of our minds are going there. Yes, they have thought about the possibility that people will use the beds for some saucy time, but claim that similar theatres in other countries haven't had this issue. 

Oh. Ok then!

Alright! And the price? A tickets for the VIP Bedroom experience will set you back $48.50, but that gets you the bed, free food and drinks and allows you to cut the line.

$50? I pay that for snacks alone!

Sign me up!


via The Local