You Can Rent A Bunk Bed For $1,200 A Month?! Dang!


Now your crappy old apartment doesn't seem too bad does it?

We all know that rent prices can get a little out of control in some cities, so now things have gotten so bad that people are resorting to just renting out a bed...and that's not cheap either.

Podshare is a company that rents dorm-style living in big cities with no affordable housing. 

In L.A. and San Francisco for $1,200/month members can rent a 'pod.' That gets them a bed, a locker, Wi-Fi, a shelf, and personal TV.
They also will share the space with fellow residents, and are supplied with simple foods like cereal and ramen, as well as toiletries.

This may seem crazy, but a lot of people seem to find it beneficial. Renters don't have to sign a lease with Podshare, no need for first and last months rent down payment, proof of employment or good credit score either. 

As of right now there are 6 locations in L.A. and 1 in San Francisco, but the founder of Podshare Elvina Beck has plans to grow her idea globally.
"The goal is to empower the global citizen and live anywhere across the world for one monthly price. A $1,000/month [membership] should get you a chance to live from here to Taiwan back to Boston. You cover the flight and we'll cover the housing. It's all included."


via CNN