Worst Bet Ever - Cry on Command

Tracey has 60 seconds to cry on command for $1000!!!

  • Worst Bet Ever - Parallel Park the Hearse

    Bear listener Tyler has 45 seconds to parallel park the Hearse From Hell PERFECTLY AND LEGALLY between two cars for $1000.

  • Worst Bet Ever - Weather Forecast

    Worst Bet Ever - Weather Forecast. Bear listener, Thaddeus Archer III was tasked with doing a live weather forecast on CTV Morning LIVE. He was tutored by weather specialist, Cory Edel, but had to pass the test of the judges, Josh Classen, Yukon Jack and RyMy. If he passed the test, he would win $1000.

  • Worst Bet Ever - Pick a Lock

    If Bear listener Corey can pick RyMy's combination lock in one hour - he gets the $1000. Think he can do it? Place your bets!

  • Worst Bet Ever - CFL Extra Point

    Bet #8 in the Worst Bet Ever was titled "CFL Extra Point". Chris was given three attempts to kick a football 32 yards and through the uprights. If he could successfully complete one CFL extra point, he would win $1000. Here's how it went.

  • Worst Bet Ever - Out-Yap Yukon

    If contestant Elysa can out-Yap Yukon (determined by listener votes), she wins $1000!!

  • Worst Bet Ever - Bullseye

    Casey hits a bullseye...he gets $1000!! Hope nobody loses an eye!

  • Worst Bet Ever - 3 Point Shooter

    Today's Worst Bet Ever was titled "3 Point Shooter". We bet Bear Listener PamPam 3 attempts to shoot a 3 point shot at L.A. Fitness. If she hit 1 shot, she would win $1000.

  • Worst Bet Ever - Roll A Better Doobie Than Yukon

    Can Live Action Role Player roll a tighter J than Yuke for $1000? Rymy judges with a blind test.

  • Worst Bet Ever - Play Wonderwall

    Today's Worst Bet Ever is titled "Wonderwall". Listener Adam was given 24 hours to learn how to play and sing Wonderwall by Oasis on the acoustic guitar. It's important to note that Adam has zero musical ability. If he completed the task, he would win $1000.

  • Worst Bet Ever - Marital Aids

    Colin tries to juggle 3 marital aids...for $1000! Place your bets! WORST BET EVER!!

  • Worst Bet Ever - Cry on Command

    Tracey has 60 seconds to cry on command for $1000!!!

  • Worst Show Ever - Super Blow Eggsperiment

    Today we ran our annual Super "Blow" eggsperiment. We determined through science who would win this Sunday's Super Bowl. We place an Eagles Green egg next to a Patriots Blue egg in a microwave. The first egg to blow would be deemed the loser, therefore predicting the outcome of the big game. Watch the video and place your bets.