Guess the sound, win the CASH!  It’s that easy.  Farm FX is back weekday mornings at 7:15am with Tim and afternoons at 3:15pm with Amanda.  Starting September 4th, listen for the cue to call, be caller #9 at 204-728-3276 to take your guess. If you’re right, you win the jackpot, if not we add another $100 to the growing jackpot. Check out the incorrect guesses below.   FARM FX… on today’s country 101 The Farm!


Incorrect guesses:

-Turning pages in a book

- Lighting a candle

- A fan

- Waves crashing on the beach

- Shovelling snow X 2

-Taking snow and ice off a roof

- Windshield wipers on a frosty window

- Ice skating

- Packing or unpacking a bag

- Skate boarding

- Dragging something on pavement

- Snow boarding

- Pulling a toboggan on snow

- Flag blowing in the wind

- Blankets on a bed sheet

- Unwrapping or ripping tin foil

- Someone putting on a snowsuit

- Shoveling snow on a driveway

- Packing or unpacking a tent

- Ice scraper scraping ice

- Scooping sugar out of a bin

- Someone paddling a canoe or kayak

- A glacier collapsing

- Someone unpacking a cardboard box of packing peanuts

- Using your cell phone in the wind

- Someone going down a water slide 

- Parasailing

- A pocket dial

- A washing machine

- Vehicle in a car wash

- Folding or unfolding a box

- Pulling a tarp onto or off of something

- Cross country skiing

- Someone walking in ski pants

- Snowshoeing 

- Someone rolling around in bed


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