9 Year Old Has Anti-Snowball Law Overturned

This kid is 100% my new hero.  And this is my favourite story at the moment! 

A town in Severance, Colorado had an anti-snowball law that was almost 100 years old. The law made snowball fights illegal...but Dane Best just wanted to do what any 9 year old boy wants to do when he sees that snow falling!


So he says he asked his mom, who called the town office and they said he could pepare a speech to deliver at the next council meeting.  This is the part that really impressed me...Dane prepared a 3 minute speech WITH Power Point all about how kids these days need more physical activity, and to play outside more.  And guess what??? Council voted UNANIMOUSLY to overturn the law, and the mayor even handed him the first legal snowball after the meeting!  

Thanks to NBC News for this story!


Well done, Dane!!