City of Barrie launches contest for kids!

Well we have certanly seen our share of snow days and bus cancellations this winter haven't we? Well if you are looking for some fun projects for the kids to engage in while home from school, why not check out the 'I Love Barrie' contest, and let your kids help shape the future of the city!

The City of Barrie has just launched a really great new contest for kids called the 'I Love Barrie' contest, open to kids attending elementary school in Barrie. Children can submit artwork and written essays showcasing why their city is such a great place to call home. 

According to the press release which you can check out here:

"Primary (Kindergarten to Grade 3) students are invited to submit art. Junior (Grades 4 to 6) and Intermediate (Grade 7 and 8) students can write a 350-500 word essay. One winner will be chosen from each level: Primary, Junior and Intermediate. Entries must be submitted by an individual, not a class.

This contest is open to all elementary-aged children who attend an English or French public or private school in Barrie, or who reside in Barrie and are home schooled.

The three winners will be announced in early March and the following prizes will be awarded to each winner:

  • Tickets for the winner and their immediate family (up to five people) for the March 16 Barrie Colts game
  • I Love Barrie prize pack, including an I Love Barrie t-shirt
  • Winning artwork and essays will be published on and shared in The Barrie Advance in the City's “This Week in Barrie" feature"

Growing up I had all kinds of great ideas about what my hometown would like in the future, everything from automatic sidewalks to flying cars and robot butlers... So I can't wait to see what the future of Barrie looks like in the eyes of it's younger citizens... I'm still holding out hope for robot butlers...

~ Ryan