"Emotional Labour"...The Latest Marriage/Relationship Term

I came in this morning to a headline about "Emotional Labour". And I must say, I was happy to see it! (The linked article calls it laziness...I don't like that term and wouldn't insult my husband by calling him lazy. I think they just honestly don't think as much as we do!)

This is something my girlfriends and I have discussed countless times.  When we are sitting around and the husbands are outside doing their "guy stuff"...and I will say that I'm quite lucky in that my husband does help out with household chores and whatever else he can do. But for some reason, us gals have so much more weight on our shoulders. When is the next dentist/doctor/eye appointment for the kids?  What will we have for dinner?  (My favourite response from my husband on this question is "I'm not hungry.") No, maybe you're not hungry but we have 3 kids and dinner doesn't just present itself between 5 and 6 when they become ravenous.

When will the milk run out?  What will we put in lunches this week? We have extra payments this month (for any number of things!) These are all things that us women carry and it stresses us out!  Maybe we should adopt the "It will work itself out" mindset. But then, will anything get done? Will anyone be registered for anything?  If it's not all thought out how will the kids get from swimming to the school open house to Cubs?  What will they eat in between? And by the way,  when is that fundraising money due again?

I do want to point out before I get in trouble, that in the case of my marriage my husband carries the weight of paying most of the bills...and I totally understand that that's a stressor in itself!

I tried to reach my husband for a comment on this story but he's not picking up at time of publishing. I can't wait to hear his response when he learns that this is an actual thing!

In the mean time, "I want you to WANT to do dishes."