Employee of the Month

We have a very exciting new opportunity for you, Dock listener!
It’s time to channel that inner radio star in you because we want you to hang out with us in studio!…on-air!… with Roop, Wix & Meg on the Dock Morning Show!

Once a month, we’ll pick a Dock Employee of the Month and that lucky person will get to co-host an hour beginning at 8am of the Dock Morning Show with Roop, Wix & Meg!

You’re a hard working person, doing that hard job you have and now you have the opportunity to hangout and have some fun with the 3 people you hear every morning. You’ll get to experience everything they go through during a typical morning… getting up early… doing some show prep…. making coffee that might not turn out the best (Wix would disagree as he makes excellent coffee)…and maybe even get to announce a late bus or two!
Plus, all your family, friends & co-workers will be able to listen to you on the radio!

Just fill out this form and maybe you’ll be the lucky selection one month!