Another close call on Lake Simcoe

 Another incident, involving the unpredictable lake ice in our area, with two anglers lucky to be safe at home today.
   It happened yesterday monring (Wed.) when two men set out to go fishing on Lake Simcoe. 
   Brenda Dorward, was watching the ice, from her back yard in Oro-Medonte. 
        She watched the pair head out, then says a big shift in the wind, started to move the ice away from shore.
    She knew the men couldn't make it back on their own, so called 9-1-1.
     Rescuers, lauching an airboat, were able to grab the pair and bring them back in.
        They were in good shape, and perhaps not even aware of their predicament.
   It serves as yet another warning, though, about the dangers of ice in this area, at any time of the season.

    For more on the story, including some video of the rescue, from CTV Barrie, click HERE