Stay off the ice !! OPP warn of ice-breaking operations

 Police anywhere around our region, will tell you in a heartbeat, that no ice, is safe ice, especially at this time of year.
   Nonetheless, a peak out on Southern Georgian Bay, or Lake Simcoe or Couchaching, and you can see, some people risk the dangers, mainly to go fishing or sledding.
    The OPP in Southern Georgian Bay are warning everyone this week,  that the Canadian Coast Guard ice-breaker Samuel Risley, will be doing icebreaking in the Midland Bay area for the rest of this week, and into next, to allow the final commercial ships of the season to come in.
    There is no firm schedule, so dates, schedules and routes are subject to change.
         Best bet is to stay off the ice, but if you are going to risk it, at least check with local hut operators for an update on ice thicknesses.