Baby boy left at Georgina fire station

 A shocker for firefighters in Sutton, after finding a newborn baby boy, left at the stations doorstep early yesterday morning.
   The child, believed to be just two days old, was found wrapped in a blanket, wearing a diaper, at a rear door as crews returned from a call around 3 a.m. yesterday.
  The baby was taken to Southlake Hospital to be checked out, but appeared to be in good shape, and police now want to speak with the mother, to ensure she's o.k.  Investigators are looking for surveillance video of the area. The fire station is located between the Sutton Curling Club, an arena, and two seniors' residences, none of which appear to have security cameras outside.      

At this point, police say their focus is not on laying any charges, but on finding the baby's mother, understanding her challenges, and providing any support she may need.

   The child is now in the care of Childrens Aid, and anybody with any info, asked to contact YRP.

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