Outdoor water and burn ban in Tay Township

water ban

Tay Township Implements Outdoor Watering and Fire Bans in Response to High Water Demand


Tay, Ontario: Effective immediately the Township of Tay has implemented Outdoor Watering and Fire Bans in response to unusually high water demand over the last week.  No outdoor watering or outdoor burning is permitted at this time.


With temperatures expected to remain in the mid-to-high twenties over the next week or more the Township expects that the bans will remain in place through the weekend and into next week.


Outdoor watering represents a significant portion of the Township’s water demand during the summer months.  The ban on outdoor watering ensures that strained water resources remain available for human consumption and sanitation.  During this time no outdoor watering is permitted.


A fire ban has been put into effect as a precautionary measure.  With water demand already high it is important for the Township to avoid needing large amounts of water to fight any fires that may get out of hand as a result of the high heat and drier conditions.


The high water demand comes just as the Township is preparing to increase water production capacity by 17% over the next year to support growth of the Township.  Mayor Ted Walker says, “that given the high cost of producing safe & clean drinking water, the Township tries to not build capacity too soon; we still have plenty of water capacity for human consumption, just not for excessive outdoor watering.  For residents looking to do outdoor watering the Township offers rebates of up-to $50 for rain barrels at Tay.ca/Rebate”.


Residents are reminded that outside of the outright ban on outdoor watering currently in effect, users of the municipal water system are only permitted to water outdoors during 7-9 AM and 7-9 PM on calendar days aligning with their house number; odd number houses on odd days; even number houses on even days.


Tay Township is committed to delivering responsive and cost-effective municipal services and infrastructure that provide for the long-term economic, social and environmental well-being of its residents and community.

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