Pick ONE habit to change for Plastic Free July!

Pick your own

I'm sure you've seen images of massive amounts of plastic floating in our oceans.  Living on the shores of Georgian Bay and some of the most beautiful lakes in Ontario, it's frustrating to see plastic wash up on shore.  Canada is in the middle of a big Catch 22.  We've prided ourselves on being such great recyclers for so long that our plastic recycling system is now so convoluted we rarely get it right.  Even within our listening area recycling rules are very different across different regions.  And since China stopped accepting Canada's plastic recycling, we no longer have anywhere to ship it to BE recycled.  Many people are starting to try and curb their plastic usage.  

It can be very overwhelming.  The best way to make a change is SLOWLY.  Change one habit at a time and you won't get overwhelmed.  

It's Plastic Free July.  Here's a list of 26 things you might want to try.  Change one habit this month and move on to another next month.  I'd love to hear how your attempts are going:)  ~Meg


  • Go strawberry picking instead of buying strawberries in clamshell packaging

  • Keep cloth bags in your car so you won’t forget them while grocery shopping

  • Pledge to carry a reusable water bottle for the month rather than drink bottled water

  • Don’t accept free swag (even from us!) for a month.  

  • Get all your summer ice cream in a cone rather than a cup - no packaging!

  • Pledge to go into coffee stores and get your coffee in your mug rather than drive thru

  • Bring your own container to a restaurant and take your leftovers home in that

  • Reuse your freezer bags

  • Pledge to carry 3-4 items all month rather than accept a bag

  • If you already use cloth grocery bags, try to drop produce bags.  Buy items loose

  • Bring a container to be weighed to Bulk Barn next time you’re craving junk food

  • Make your lunch for a month instead of getting take out

  • Buy kids’ juice in a metal can and put it in a glass bottle in the fridge

  • Pick blueberries this month rather than buying them in clamshell packaging

  • Switch ONE brand that you buy in plastic to a new one in glass.  

  • Try just buying apples, oranges, watermelon & bananas for a month rather than fruit in plastic

  • Drop ziploc bags for a month.  Use your tupperware instead

  • Visit your local Farmer’s Market 4 weekends in a row. Bring your own bags for produce

  • Make granola with items from a reusable container store instead of buying cereal.

  • Never been in a reusable container store?  Visit one for the first time! Ask questions:) Bulk Barn, Collingwood Real Food Market, Orillia’s Refillery District or Bracebridge’s Muskoka Natural Food Market

  • Drop ONE item that you’ve always felt guilty buying because it comes in so much packaging

  • Start a soup or salad club with Coworkers.  Every Monday one employee brings enough soup or salad for everyone.  You all bring bowls and utensils. One less lunch to pack!

  • Bringing treats to a meeting or friend’s?  Try a local bakery. They often use cardboard boxes.  

  • Find one wasteful thing that drives you nuts at work and be the person who changes it!

  • The Top 4 Single Use Plastic items are plastic bags, take out coffee cups, water bottles and plastic straws.  Pledge to kick just ONE from your life.  

  • Collect the single use plastic you use in a month.  Don’t even try and cut down, just pledge to notice it.

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