Roxodus is cancelled. The rumours were correct


 Its all official now.   The show will not go on.
    Roxodus, has been cancelled.
      Organizers finally confirming the rumours yestserday, that the four-day music festival with a staggering number of top artists lined up, for next week, will not happen.
    MF Live, the promoters behind the show, issued a press release yesterday morning, saying they just can't make it happen this year.
    Organizers are blaming the wet weather this spring for the cancellation.
   The OPP have told CTV news that a former employee of MF Live, is under investigation, but couldn't confirm if it was connected to the cancellatioin of Roxodus.
    As far as ticket refunds, and compensation for vendors and others, they are only saying that information will be released soon.

      But angry ticket holders, some who've spent thousands of dollars for tickets and accommodation, are threatening to launch legal action if they don't get refunds.  However, anyone who did purchase tickets, had to agree to a clause that there would be NO refunds, if the reason was out of the promoter's control.   Vendors, who stood to make a lot of money over the four days, are also angry, and threatening lawsuits.   No doubt more to come on this story.  Stay tuned.

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