Speeds could increase on Hwy. 400, others

  Many commuters would tell you that things are already moving too fast along Highway 400.   But things might get faster, as the province looks into upping the speed limits on some of the 400-series highways. 

While the details are scarce, Transportation Minister Jeff Yurek suggested that the Doug Ford government is looking at increasing speeds on 400 series highways.

Currently, the speed limit is 100 km/h.  

The rate of speed on series 400 highways is controlled and managed by the Ministry of Transportation.

Yurek made the comments while speaking at the Toronto Region Board of Trade on Wednesday.

He said more information will be made available next week, noting that anyone who uses the major provincial highways will be interested in the province’s announcement.

Yurek went on suggest that the province has heard criticism from drivers that speed limits are outdated and need to be revised.

He said the province will be doing public consultations on the possible increase and launch a pilot project, however it’s not clear how that would play out.

“If you look back on the history of why speed limits were set where they were back in the 70s, there was an energy crisis, (and) in order to conserve fuel they lowered the speed limits on our highway system. It stayed that way ever since,” Yurek said.

“I’ve heard lots of stakeholders mention that maybe it’s time to take a review of how our speed limits are in the province and we’ll’ have more to say next week on this issue, but moving forward with consultations.”

   So far, police have not warmed up to the idea of going even faster on highways, where speed is one of the leading contributors to highway fatality.


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