'THE SHOT' could be one of the 'clutchiest' buzzer-beaters in history

 The SHOT heard round the world !!

   When Kuwai Leonard hit the four-bounce buzzer beater the other night, it seemed like, for a 2-second eternity, that time stopped.

   And then it fell.  And the Toronto Raptors, with perhaps only a window open to them this year, are moving on to their second-ever East Conference Final.

     The Raptors now coming off that emotionally charged Game 7 win over the Philadelphia 76ers.  And there's not much time to switch gears and re-focus on a monumental task.  The Bucks!  But if there’s anybody that can do it it’s the guy that got them here.

KUWAI.  The claw!

    Leonard didn’t just knock down the biggest shot in the Raptor's 24-year existence, he made NBA history, becoming the first player to ever hit a game-winning buzzer beater in Game 7 of a playoff series.   We don't often see Kuwai show emotion, but there was a sign of some after the shot dropped and the fans went berzerk. 

    But the frenzy has died down, and now its down to business.  Game one tonight in Milwaukee.

Go Raps Go !!!

                                        -Thanks to TSN for photos.

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