Ugly but harmless green 'blobs' forming in Midland's Little Lake


There are blobs of green algae, forming in Midland's Little Lake.
   Testing by the Severn Sound Environmental Association has revealed green, jelly-like blobs in the lake.
    But, at this point, they appear to be mostly harmless.
   These microscopic colonies hook up with algae, and when they grow larger, can become gas-filled and float to the surface.
    The colonies are fairly common, and pose no threat to the health of people or animals.


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Jelly-like Blobs in Little Lake

MIDLAND, ON, September 6, 2019 – Each year, the Severn Sound Environmental Association (SSEA) team samples Little Lake in Midland for water quality every two weeks throughout the ice-free season. Around the beginning of August field staff came across numerous green jelly-like blobs in the nearshore areas and the open lake. Microscope analysis by SSEA Water Scientist Aisha Chiandet has determined that the blobs are colonies of a microscopic animal called Ophrydium versatile, which is a type of protozoan. "The colonies form a symbiotic relationship with algae, utilizing chlorophyll for energy production and giving them a green colour" says Chiandet. "They are a natural occurrence and not seen as problematic".

Many types of algae, along with bacteria and small zooplankton, can live within the "blob". Larger colonies become gas filled, and can float to the surface, particularly during windy conditions. They develop around plants or on hard surfaces. These colonies have also been observed in 2012 in Bass Lake and the North River. Ophrydium is not well studied, but it appears that colonies are fairly common to transparent temperate lakes.

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Aisha Chiandet

Water Scientist, Severn Sound Environmental Association

705-534-7283 ext. 204

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