A Wet Spring Ahead, According to Meteorologist

It may be February, but it's already feeling like spring - the question is: will it stay that way?

Meterologist Nadine Powell with The Weather Network says, the good news is, they're not forecasting a major drop in temperatures.

"We were expecting that perhaps March would be a little bit colder, but we're not seeing that extreme cold to the north, so we don't anticipate that it will plunge our temperatures into extreme values."

Powell with says the key word she's looking at is 'precipitation.' She says that it'll definitely be wetter, but it's still too early to tell if that means rain, or one last push of winter's snow.

"It's not until you actually have the system really within a shorter time frame, that you get a better handle on if it's going to snow, or if it's going to be rain, or a mix of both."

Powell says temperatures will be seasonal, but because of the slightly warmer conditions in the south we could see more precipitation falling throughout the sping.