Al Smith Wins Lifetime Business Achievement Award From Brockville Chamber of Commerce

Local business owner Al Smith is the first man to win the Brockville Chamber of Commerce's Lifetime Business achievement award postmortem.

Smith is very well known as co-founder and long-time CEO of the Brockville based company, Hansler Smith Limited. 

 Smith started the company back in 1953, it has now grown into a  fully integrated supply house with seven Ontario locations and more than 100 employees.

Smith's company is known for its many corporate donations and has assisted numerous local causes including Palliative Care, Brockville General Hospital, Brockville YMCA, United Way of Leeds & Grenville, Brockville Food Bank, Brockville Arts Centre and countless youth sports teams.

Smith will be celebrated during a special ceremony following the Chamber's AGM  on March 30th.

The award will be accepted on Mr. Smith's behalf by his wife, Kay Smith.

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