Another Brockville Man Facing Attempted Murder Charges in Kingston

Police in Kingston have arrested a second man from Brockville on attempted murder charges.

They believe the man was the driver of the getaway car during an incident where shots were fired at an apartment window on Tuesday, January 29. There was a child inside the apartment at the time.

Joseph Ferguson is facing with two counts of attempted murder, attempted robbery, break and enter, as well as weapons charges.

Police say during the arrest they also found suspected crack cocaine and crystal meth. As a result the 30-year-old is also charged with two counts of drug possession and trafficking charges.

53-year-old Everett Timothy Telgen from Brockville, as well as Jeffrey Burtch of Perth are also facing attempted murder charges.

The investigation continues as police search for another suspect wearing a light grey hoodie in the attached photos. Anyone with information is asked to contact Kingston Police at 613-549-4660.

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