AUDIO: Beatlemania Coming To Brockville Arts Centre

The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and Tom Jones are all coming to Brockville.

Well their music that is.

ACROSS THE POND: The British Invasion is a celebration of Beatlemania and the county's influence on music.

Writer and actor Leisa Way tells the Bruce Wylie Show with Kimberley Johnson, it's a night all about what she calls the "Boy Bands" of the British invasion.

"They're pretty amazing artists so it was pretty easy decision to do this show."

She says the one hard part was narrowing down the songs, but what wasn't tough was working with the Lonely Hearts Club Band. She says they were a big influence.

"I've got this amazing band that has so much talent, they're great singers, multi-instrumentalists, so I decided to put together this show that really featured (this)." 

Way herself plays multiple roles as women of the time, like Petula Clark, Dusty Springfield and Shirley Bassey.

"I have a lot of fun because I get I think it's twelve or thirteen costume and wig changes."

The show at the Brockville Arts Centre starts Friday, March 9, at 7:30pm. 


- With files from Trevor Smith-Miller

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